Grand Master Harker’s January 2011 Message

Happy New Year!

By now most Lodges have installed their officers for the 2011 Masonic year. There are just a few lodges that have scheduled installation for early January. As of this writing I have attended the installation of officers for 25 lodges with more scheduled over the next couple of weeks.

Your Grand Lodge Officers have all been very busy working in the lodges to install the 2011 officers. Many lodges have officers occupying a office that they have never held before. In other lodges we have members that are serving many terms in same office.

This is the time of year that we all set “New Year’s Resolutions” for ourselves. Why not make one or two resolutions to help your lodge? Ask your Master “What can ‘I’ do to help support you and/or our Lodge this year”. I know that he will be happy that you asked. Sometimes just take the initiative and don’t wait to be asked, if you see something that needs to be done “just do it”. Our volunteer hours are a very precious gift that we can provide our lodge.

As another resolution, consider challenging yourself to learn new parts in the ritual. So many lodges are reporting that they have 1-5 or more candidates working their way through the three degrees. You do not have to be an officer to learn a part.

Now that the new officers are installed I will ask those officers once again to accept the project of reviewing your lodge’s bylaws. Are they relevant to the way your lodge operates today? If they are out dated or do not reflect the way your lodge operates, start the procedure to rewrite or modify your bylaws. When doing so, consider eliminating the months that your lodge is dark. Lodges loose momentum when they do not meet for two or more months. If you have questions contact your District Deputy for assistance.

All Schools of Instruction (SOI) are scheduled. You should be hearing during one of your upcoming Lodge meetings when yours is scheduled. These schools are not just for the officers but are open to all Master Masons. In fact I encourage all those Master Masons raised in the last 5 years to make it a point to attend one of the upcoming schools. As Master Masons we are charged with, among other things, a responsibility “to learn”; what better opportunity is there to learn than attending a School of Instruction?

I hope that you will have an enjoyable and prosperous 2011.

‘on the level’