Grand Master Harker’s May Address

My Lady Mary and I extend a very Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Lodges that are the most successful are those that have made significant accomplishments such as reaching significant years of operation or have made improvements in their building. A few Lodges are planning to celebrate these accomplishments. Frequently these celebrations include an invitation to the Grand Officers to come and perform a rededication of the Lodge. There are several Lodges that have scheduled such events. Lodges with rededication events scheduled are Clear Lake Lodge No. 230 on May 21;  Henry L. Palmer Lodge No. 301 on May 22; Tomah Lodge No. 132 on June 4; and Wisconsin Rapids Lodge No.128 on June 12.

The Annual Communication will be Friday and Saturday, June 10 and 11 at the Madison Masonic Center. I expect to see each and every Lodge represented! The Master, Senior and Junior Wardens are, by title, voting members of Grand Lodge. If they can not attend and are not sending proxies to vote on any and all items to come before the Grand Lodge they are expected to obtain permission to be absent from the Grand Master. I look forward to welcoming all who attend. I know it will be a very informative session.

I have been traveling to numerous lodges and have attended several events this past month including a number of degrees. I attended Madison and Eau Claire Scottish Rite reunions. Eau Claire celebrated the opening of their 32° Degree Masonic Learning Center for Dyslexia. Waterloo Lodge No. 63 invited Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master Davey L. White, Jr. and I to their friends dinner at which time we presented a $4,000 check to the Waterloo Fire Department in support of their Lifeline program. This donation was made possible by a significant amount of work by the Lodge and the assistance of the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation. Additionally, I have attended several Board and Committee meetings this past month.

Your Wisconsin Masonic Home continues to amaze me. The acceptance of the New Wellness Center and Hickory Suites Rehabilitation facility by the community has been great. The membership and occupancy have exceed the estimates used in planning this facility. The entire campus is a pleasure to visit.

My brothers we must all ask ourselves, “What does my Masonry mean to Me”?  As I have travelled to our lodges and elsewhere within our jurisdiction or when representing you outside of our jurisdiction, I am continually reminded of what our forefathers knew. Masonry is made up of good men dedicated to improving themselves through living a life of high morals, integrity, friendship, brotherly love, and charity.  This means to me that we must all work to do what is best for our Lodges, its members and buildings, but more especially in helping each other to be the best that we can be.

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