Grand Master White’s November Address to the Craft


As we look at the beautiful scenes the supreme architect of the universe has provided for us in the month of October, we must feel an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude for the opportunity to enjoy his creations. The colors of the trees and watching the animals scurry around preparing for the upcoming winter is my favorite time of year.

This is also the busy part of our constituent lodges’ years as the current Masters are busy trying to finish implementing their programs, while at the same time preparing the lodges for the upcoming elections and the installation of a new Master for the upcoming Masonic year.

This is also a very busy time for your elected and appointed Grand Lodge officers as they are busy  trying to relay information to the lodges at our district meetings. I hope every lodge takes the opportunity to attend their respective district meeting, so they have the opportunity to hear the plans that are laid out on our trestleboards for the upcoming year. This is the place where you can voice your opinion and ask any pertinent questions you may have for the officers.

The Grand Lodge officers have just completed their first staff meeting in Wisconsin Rapids at the beginning of October. We as an Executive staff get to hear reports from all the District Deputies. They voice their concerns and make recommendations on what they think is the best course of action to help individual lodges in their districts. I am pleased to let you know that Masonry seems to be moving along quite well and in the right direction for the most part. I was a little bit alarmed on the number of lodges reported having internal arguments amongst themselves. We all need to pay attention to the simple lessons taught in the openings and closing of our lodges.  Peace and Harmony should prevail in all instances. The Charges that we receive at the conclusion of each degree and at our installations are full of lessons that we should utilize in our daily lives as well as when in lodge. Working together and implementing these lessons we can make a big difference in our communities, lodges and lives. When approaching subjects using Masonic principles and utilizing our teachings, there is no room for arguments and unrest in the lodge.

On a personal note, I have been busy not only as the Grand Master but also at work. We have been on overtime for the past several months and working third shift it makes for some very sleepless days and nights. I have had the pleasure to once again visit one of our veterans hospitals in Tomah. It is a very rewarding experience and I encourage everyone to take the time to visit and volunteer their time for those who have provided a great deal for us.

I am sure most of you have read about the ESGR (Employers supporting the Guards and Reserve) project we have initiated. I ask that all Masons take part in this worthwhile cause and show our military personnel how much we appreciate their efforts defending our great country and the principles we hold dear.


Davey L. White Jr.