Grand Master Whites December Address to the Craft


As December approaches and we prepare for Mother Nature to bring us another winter in Wisconsin, it reminds us that it is the time of year for election of officers in our local Lodges. A time for the young men of our Fraternity to move forward and continue their education and journey in Masonry, while the Past Masters and veteran members of the Lodges continue spreading their wisdom to those that wish to learn. It truly is an exciting time of the year for all Masons in the State. For all the outgoing Masters we thank you for your service and for providing your leadership to your respective Lodges. To the newly elected and soon to be installed Masters we thank you for your willingness to lead your respective Lodges next year. We look forward to working with you and helping to make all of your experiences be hopefully positive.

Your Grand Lodge Officers will be busy traveling the State helping the Lodges with their installations of officers. It is one of the busiest times of the year and we appreciate all the invitations that we receive. It is one of the greatest honors we have as your representatives. It’s a time to renew old friendships and a time to form new acquaintances and friendships. The true meaning of Brotherly Love shines brightly at this time of the year. We can never take for granted the number of people we would never have had the opportunity to share our lives with if it wasn’t for this great Fraternity. We truly do meet men and ladies from every country, sect, and opinion. I know personally that I have been blessed with some great friendships that mean the world to me. Many people have touched my life over the course of my Masonic life and have helped me become the man I am today. As our Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Roger L. Magoon reminded us on his lapel pin. Masonry is “A WAY OF LIFE”.

As the new Masters and Wardens take office I would like to remind them to become familiar with the Masonic Code of Wisconsin. It is important that you have an understanding of the laws and regulations of our State. Please take the Charges of your offices very seriously, as you are held accountable for your actions and decisions. Never forget the obligations you took in Lodge. Working together we can accomplish a great deal and move this Fraternity forward. One of the main goals of every Master or Grand Master should be to leave the state of the craft in a better position than they received it. This is why our Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Joseph B. Harker stressed to all his officers that we are a team and we will work together to accomplish our goals. I believe this method of leadership is working and paying dividends for our State.

Most of you have probably received the mailing concerning the Grand Masters appeal for this year. I wish to thank all who have contributed so far and hope that many more will find it in their hearts to support this great cause. Some of you may perhaps think it strange that I would choose the Masonic Journal for my appeal. Please let me explain. Believe me I realize that we are in a technological age and many of you would rather view the Journal on line. I have no problem with that. The thing we must remember is that the average age of Masons in the State of Wisconsin is 65 years old. Not that I consider that old in years, but it does mean that we have elderly members. Some of them are shut in or in Care facilities. We have an OBLIGATION to provide for and take care of our Brothers who may be at this time less fortunate than ourselves. I know for years I have been visiting Brothers in our local care facilities. The Masonic Journal is their link to the Fraternity; it lets them know what’s happening throughout the State. I think they have earned our respect and deserve to be included in our thoughts and plans for the future. The Masonic Journal helps to accomplish this goal. Others like myself would rather have a written publication that I can look at and carry with me. The less time spent on a computer the happier my life is. Again thank you for your support of our great publication. If you happen to see a member of the Journal Board, Thank them for their hard work. I would again like to express my personal thanks to our Editor Rich Rygh, who does a phenomenal job.

For those of who celebrate the Christmas season, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to all a Happy New Year. May God bless you all.



Davey L. White Jr.