‘It’s in the Underwear Drawer!’

My Brothers;

It is a pleasure to be serving you as your Grand Master. There seems to be something different to do each day.  I had written a number of articles for the Masonic Journal but after reading them; they didn’t seem to be relevant as to what’s happening in Wisconsin Freemasonry.

One of the Programs that your Grand Lodge, through the Masonic Charities Office, has been doing is to recognize our Brothers for their years of Masonic Service. We received a letter from a Brother’s Widow, thanking us for the card for her husband, but he had entered the Celestial Lodge, two months prior to receiving the card.  That’s tragic enough, however she went on to say that no Masons attended his funeral service.

As Freemasons, we believe in our resurrection and that we will become part of the Celestial Lodge. We confirm that belief by allowing our Brothers to honor us with a Masonic Memorial Service. Our Brothers reaffirm their obligations by attending and performing that Memorial Service. A Masonic Memorial Service also demonstrates to the World our personal values and the care and esteem that we have for each other.

All Brothers, me included, should go to the Grand Lodge Website, www.wisc-freemasonry.org    and download the “REQUEST-FOR-MASONIC-FUNERAL”.  My Brothers, take the time (probably all of 5 minutes) to fill out the form and share the information with your family.  If you have a funeral trust, why not give a copy of the request to your funeral director.  Tell your family of your wishes for a Masonic Memorial Service and that your Masonic Apron is “In the underwear drawer (?)”

One of my observations of Freemasons is that most want to be in control of any situation that they find themselves in.  Well, planning your exit from the terrestrial lodge is the last bit of control in developing your exit strategy.

I recommend the Chaplain or an Officer of every Lodge contact all the Funeral Director’s in their area and give their name as the contact person for their Lodge for Masonic Memorial Services.

We are Freemasons; we celebrate our Diversity for the common good of all people and for the betterment of our great Fraternity.

Sincerely & Fraternally

Dennis V. Siewert