“Leave It at the Door”

My Brothers:

I had the opportunity to see Freemasonry is action by attending the Secretaries Training Seminar in Madison on Sunday, January 20. I want to thank PGM Michael A. DeWolf, our Grand Secretary, for making it a worth while event. It was interactive, so speakers could field questions and comments from the floor. I spoke with many of the Brothers who found it to very informative and helpful in providing leadership to their Lodges.

I have also traveled to Florida representing the Wisconsin Masonic Charities to share some time and information with our Wisconsin Brethren and Ladies who reside there. We will be traveling to Arizona in February. We make these visits annually to keep in personal contact with our Brothers and Ladies. I looked at our membership numbers; as of January 23, 2013 there are approximately 11,770 Wisconsin Master Masons, 1850 of these Brothers or 16% live out the State of Wisconsin. The number of us residing in Florida or Arizona account for 462, this doesn’t include those Brothers who only winter in those areas. These visits provide an opportunity to show our support to our Brothers, their Ladies and to those Ladies who support the value systems of their late husbands, our Brothers.

I was working at my desk trying to decide what my monthly message for the Masonic Journal would or should be. I remembered a conversation I had a few days ago with a man who was inquiring about Freemasonry. His question to me was, “Why are you a Freemason?” and wanted a personal not a canned response. I said that there are many reasons but first and foremost I can “Leave it at the Door”.

“Leave what at the door, yes, leave it at the door”

  •  • The demands on time
  •  • Personal  and business related stress
  •  • Ever changing Society
  •  • Attitude – especially negativity

On the other side of the door, in the Lodge Room, I find:

  •  • Brothers caring for each other
  •  • Brothers listening and giving different perspectives to issues
  •  • Men of many vocations, income levels united in Brotherhood
  •  • Men who have influenced my life and value system
  •  • A place and time I can share with my sons
  •  • Have a problem, those men have your back
  •  • The teaching of moral lessons through our ritual.
  •  • The Ritual Teachings that we share from generation to generation – that
  •      common bond.
  •  • Philanthropic Events – helping each other – helping our communities
  •  • Masonic involvement is a respite for me
  •  • It is noncompetitive – establish personal goals within the Fraternity

What do you personally receive from being a Freemason? Talk about it, write about it and I’m sure that once you start, it will be difficult to stop.

Celebrate the “Diversity” of your Brothers. The Diversity, that Melting Pot of men and ideas, provides tangibility and strength to our Lodges and to all aspects of our lives. Share your talents and gifts for the betterment of each other as we move this great Fraternity forward.


Dennis V. Siewert