“It’s About the Passion”

As I travel the State of Wisconsin and visit other Jurisdictions, I start wondering about some of the people I meet. Are they on an ego trip, are they full of themselves, do they need to be in control and the list goes on. Putting the shoe on the other foot, how do I conduct myself?  The conclusion is it’s really none of the above, “It’s about the Passion”.

Regardless of the Organization, there are those members who attend its meetings, serve on committees, take on leadership roles, plan events, participate in events or just pay their dues. These members all see a personal perceived value in belonging. Does that perceived value become passion? Think about it. Some of the synonyms for passion are:

Desire              Loving                         Caring              Craving            Excellence

Ideals               Sharing                       Giving              Hope                Charity

I’m sure everyone could add to the list. I also noticed when I made my list there were an even number of words dealing with emotions and those dealing with actions.

Our Passion and our Diversity is apparent when I attend Blue Lodge, Scottish & York Rite and Shrine Meetings. It is also visible at Youth Group and other Masonic Organization Meetings and Social Gatherings. You really notice the Passion and Diversity when you serve on Committees or in Leadership Roles in any organization.

As Brothers we are taught to subdue our passions. I believe it means to take time to listen to each other, respect each other’s opinion, establish common goals, find resolution and be willing to try something new. As Freemasons it’s our passion/desire for the fraternity that embraces us to give of our most precious commodity, our time, for the betterment of our Brothers and Society.

I just looked at my list and which word in my estimation can convey that message of passion, along with what a Lodge is charged to do – make Master Masons. The word I chose was excellence. We want good men and the opportunity to teach them the lessons of Freemasonry.  It’s though our ritual that this is done. That Ritual is what makes us different from other organizations, it tells of our values, how to live in society and conduct ourselves especially with each other.

 “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pike

 Freemasonry needs the Passion and the Diversity that you bring to the Fraternity. Each is a character trait that is needed. Share your passion for our fraternity within your community especially with your non-Masonic Friends. It’s like being a good salesperson, know your product, use your product, sell your product, don’t give it away and above all, don’t forget to ask for the order (petition).  This Fraternity will continue being a leader in the World as long as we respect each other’s opinions and work toward common goals. Retain, renew, reflect and share your passion for our great Fraternity and embrace its Diversity.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Dennis Siewert