WI.Masons.FrankThis is a special February! It is of course when we celebrate the birthday of the Father of American Freemasonry and our Country, Br George Washington. The George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association (www.gwmemorial.org) has a great little booklet out titled George Washington’s Rules of Civility. This would make a great program for Lodges.

Another milestone is that this month Wisconsin will get the opportunity to host The North American Conference of Grand Masters and Grand Secretaries in Madison. This is a big deal and we won’t likely see it here again for 50 or so years. It is significant because it gets all the jurisdictions in North America together to find, identify, and anticipate common problems and jointly search for solutions. Numerous seminars, symposiums and presentations will be conducted. We have been asking Brothers who wanted to volunteer to assist with the support of this conference. They will also be exposed to this high level of Masonic expertise and experience. This can only make us stronger throughout Wisconsin. Masons from all over the world also come to this conference. In the past we have seen large contingencies come from Brazil and European jurisdictions. I have been contacted directly by representatives who plan to attend from Australia and elsewhere. Many of these men are recognized authors, scholars, and leaders of our Craft. Once this conference wraps up we will sort out the findings and ideas and get them out to you.

Your Grand Lodge is doing all it can to make these folks feel welcome and promote the expansion of Masonic activities across the globe.

Finally, February represents the second month of the Lodge year. So that means a month full of informational reports. By now, Lodges should be settled into a course set by its new officers. We should be reconsidering how to best find the quality men we need in this wonderful Brotherhood. Junior Wardens should have made the contacts with youth organizations and make a report this month to the Lodge. Secretaries should be synthesizing the information they accumulated at the Secretary’s Conference and giving the lodge a report on that material. District Deputy Grand Masters just finished the Winter GL Staff Meeting and should be reporting to you in person or through their AAs the results of that gathering.

So, it may be cold outside, but keep the fires stoked in your lodges. Stress attendance to better keep all informed. Thanks and God Bless our Masonic Family.

All the Best in Brotherhood,

Frank Struble