WI.Masons.FrankOkay, so I am not going to say I can’t believe how fast this May article came due. I am here to tell you, my Brothers, how honored I am to be serving as your Grand Master. We have tried to face up to some long term issues that have faced Grand Lodge for some time and put them behind us. We also faced some challenges and circumstances we had not been able to forecast. We met each issue head on as a team. I could not have asked for a group of more capable and dedicated Grand Lodge Officers. Your cooperation helping build two way communication is something I really appreciate.  I trust that we are leaving your Grand Lodge stronger than we found it. The future is bright. You could not have a better line up to continue building our future.

One thing we are still working on is attempting to reshape your Annual Communication experience. You are the reason we are doing the Thursday evening banquet and party. That used to be a formal event for Distinguished Guests. Now, all Wisconsin Masons are welcome. You are all welcome. The food will be great, and so will the entertainment. Bring your lady and join us on the dance floor. I promise you will get your money’s worth!

In the AC meetings we plan to have breakouts, presentations, business meeting, and voting. We will minimize all the introductions and cameo appearances while still respecting our friends and the leadership of our Brotherhood. The plan is to get our business done in an efficient manner. When we install our new officers, the proclamation will be made at that time and the new officers will open on Saturday morning to finish the business of this Communication.  The dinner following the Installation will be the new Grand Master’s show and a celebration of the future with your new line of officers.  We want all attendees to enjoy the entire experience and leave with their Masonic batteries recharged.

I am asking each Mason in Wisconsin to never lose sight of what is important in our Brotherhood. Don’t let yourself, or your lodge, become sidetracked. Stay true to the spirit of our teachings. Please, practice tolerance. Live your lives in the spirit of Brotherly Love.  Be more than you would be if you were not a Mason. Masons live better.         Masons make the world a better place everyday. Remember, there is more than one right way to do anything. Approach every activity with an open mind. Work with the leadership of your Lodge to make the Blue Lodge experience the most harmonious, engaging, and interesting activity you can imagine. Bring new quality men to the altar that want to grow and humbly labor in the society of men who act like real men, great husbands, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and Brothers.

Thank you my Brothers for being yourselves.

Quoting Dickens’ character Tiny Tim, “God bless us, everyone.”

I’ll see you at AC!

Frank Struble