Rough Ashlar Lodge – Planning

“Planning” is one of the important “4-P’s” that we have spoken about often this year. Operating a successful lodge involves solid attention to People, Planning, Programming and Proficiency.

Well, our friends here at Rough Ashlar Lodge have cobbled together a calendar of events for the upcoming year. We are also taking the leap and using a “Consent Agenda” so we can move through our stated meetings quickly and not bore the bee-jeebers out of the sideliners. Now comes the work of planning our events and meetings!

When planning your program or event, always start with a simple Event Planning Worksheet. It is essential that everyone involved understands what needs to be done, who will do it – when and how! Completing a simple worksheet will allow you to track all aspects of your planning and to “close the loop” and be sure that all tasks are complete.

The Event Planning Worksheet helps to make sure that the “what, who and when” of event planning are accounted for. Each event chairman is charged with helping to carryout the “how”.

“How” to promote your events is always a key consideration! Do you use flyers? emails? social media? announcements in lodge? A special letter or mailing? The Masonic Journal?

One simple rule of promoting lodge events is the Rule of “3” – When communicating special events or important notifications understand that folks generally need to “get the word” at least three times – two of which must be in writing! Experience shows that the Rule of “3” is just a fact of life! That is why this particular column borrows heavily on our previously published “4-P’s” – sometimes the message needs to be repeated!

The simple axiom “Plan your work and work your plan” applies to lodge programs and events. Begin using an organized event planning procedure and you will be more successful with each event you plan. As you learn to plan – plan to learn! Be sure to spend plenty of time brainstorming ahead of time to build a complete task list. Share the duties and get folks involved!

The most crucial aspect of planning any event is to “close the loop”. The event chairman, and the Worshipful Master must VERIFY that each task has been completed satisfactorily and on time.


Donald W. Hensiak

Grand Master