Rough Ashlar Lodge Going to Madison!

There is a new energy this year at Rough Ashlar Lodge! We have worked hard on our calendar of events, we are building great friendships and we’re working together to spruce up the lodge.

Every year we look forward to attending the Annual Communication, but this year we are taking it to the next level. Last year we really enjoyed the Break Out sessions and we are fired up to see that there are great break outs planned again.

There are so many great opportunities now at the Annual Communication!

 We enjoy meeting our Grand Lodge officers. We are able to share ideas with brothers from around the state. It’s always a great time breaking bread with our brothers and maybe sharing an adult beverage. Sometimes the casual times at the Annual Communication are the best times to learn!

Rough Ashlar Lodge is on a mission this year, and we’ve come up with some goals to accomplish while we are in Madison:

  • Make personal contact with the Deputy Grand Master and Grand Wardens and lay the groundwork for having one of them visit our lodge for a special program
  • Visit the Grand Lodge store and the other purveyors to check out identity apparel for our lodge
  • Pick up educational materials like the “Masonic Study Series” and add a new book or two to the lodge library
  • Personally meet the Spectrum insurance agent and ask him a few questions
  • Visit with Youth Group leaders to find out ways we can better support them
  • Split up into groups and take notes at the break out sessions to report back to our brothers
  • Get our pictures taken when we receive the Lodge Excellence Award!

Lately there have been lots of interesting discussions and debates at the A/C. The resolutions are interesting, and they always take on a different flavor when you are able to hear the discussion.

The Foreign Relations Committee reports on worldwide changes in Freemasonry and jurisdictions that we recognize. There will be discussions about the Grand Lodge budget and per capita tax. We’ll be able to ask some questions and dig into what our per capita tax pays for.

We’re looking forward to hearing about updates to our Grand Lodge Strategic Plan and hearing the new Grand Master’s remarks. It is also an honor to attend the installation of the new Grand Master. It’s always fun to see the new Grand Master’s pin and to be one of the first around the state to be wearing it.

Every year we enjoy renewing acquaintances and making new friends when we attend the Annual Communication, but this year we are going to attend with a mission and a set of goals.

See you in Madison!


Donald W. Hensiak

Grand Master