Happy Holidays!

’Tis the season! A period when we set aside the troubles and cares of the world as we take time to celebrate, reflect gratitude, and sing songs of praise and adoration to our divine creator for the gifts he has bestowed. We renew and reinforce our ties with family and friends. We come together in our houses of worship to sing and rejoice. Then we bring in the New Year, ring out the old, and with hope and excitement we envision a promise for the future.

It’s a season when our hearts are touched and we rediscover that it is truly more blessed to give then to receive. There are many ways to celebrate our blessings this season but let’s not forget to do something for those less fortunate. As Masons we understand the importance of practicing Brotherly Love, Relief, and Charity. When we personally put those Masonic virtues into practice we truly understand what it feels like to be a Mason.

It’s also a time when our Masonic families gather together to install our lodge officers, which is so very appropriate during this wonderful season. The elected and appointed officers of our lodges for the ensuing year are about to take their solemn vows before God as some of the very best people in the world bear witness. We extend our appreciation to those who pledge a very special gift to us: a gift of time, talent and devotion. We wish the officers for the ensuing year the very best, and pledge our support. We thank the outgoing officers for their service and commitment.

As Wisconsin Freemasons we have much to be thankful for this year. Many of our Lodges partnered with the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation using the new matching grants program to double their charitable giving in their local communities. We are especially grateful to every Mason who reached out to good men this year and brought these good men into our fraternity. We appreciate each and every Mason who took part in making a candidate into a Brother. The vast majority of our Lodges are raising new members. I’m very happy to report a sharp increase in degree work within our Lodges while, at the same time the recent Masonic Day of Light was a resounding success.

On November 4, we filled two large Masonic facilities to overflowing capacities as we celebrated a Masonic Day of Light. It was a very special joy to see the sidelines in both Eau Claire and Brookfield filled as we raised 149 new Masons. I extend my personal congratulations to every new Mason and welcome you to the world’s greatest fraternity. A special thanks to the many Brothers who were part of executing a day that will positively impact these new Brothers, our lodges and our communities.

The world needs more Masons and Wisconsin Masons are delivering.

Cindy and I wish you and your families a safe and joyous Holiday season!


L. Arby Humphrey

Grand Master