The Grand Master’s September Message

Greetings Brethren,

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to each of you I’ve had the opportunity to meet along the way for all the courtesies and respect shown to me. I also want to say thank you to every just and upright Mason who has committed their time, talent and good character to becoming the honorable gentlemen our great Fraternity has become synonymous with.

My Brothers, in an effort to be transparent and informative, this article has been intentionally prepared with the economy of the written word. It will touch on some of the operational aspects of the Grand Lodge.

First, the Wisconsin Masonic Academy sessions will be offering a truly Masonic educational opportunity. These will be very, very Masonic in nature. The Academy focuses on a study of our Obligations, Virtues, Tenets, Charges and more. Look for dates and locations in our Wisconsin Masonic Journal, on the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin website and our Grand Lodge Facebook page. Grand Orator/PGM Bill Beetcher and the Education Committee have developed something uniquely special for this educational offering. Please sign up to attend. You won’t regret it!

Next, we are in the final stages of a thorough update and clean-up of our Wisconsin Masonic Multiple Letter Cipher. Typos and things like that. Our Ritual will remain the same. This has been tasked to, and, completed by Grand Lecturer Larry Ganske, PGM Davey L. White Jr., PGM Craig Campbell, PGM John Hein, and Past District Lecturer Harold Christensen.

The Grand Lodge Strategic Planning Committee met for a weekend in June to update our Fraternity’s Strategic Plan. Junior Grand Deacon Dave Ritchie and Senior Grand Steward Tom Stevens lead this effort and the session went very well!

Two Masonic Day of Light sessions are also in the planning and a third will be offered if the need arises. January and February are the targeted months for the sessions.

Also, if you are interested in joining the Grand Lodge Officer corps in the future and you know of an opening, please let your interests be known. Contact your Area Administrator or District Deputy Grand Master. If you are a team player and you’re willing to commit your time and talents to the service of your Brethren, then we are interested in discussing with you, your service to the Craft.  Service as a Grand Lodge Officer is not an exclusive club, rather, these roles are open to those who wish to serve, are qualified and possess the humility, patience and ability to do so.

Since June 2, I’ve witnessed the love and caring nature of the members of our appendant and affiliated Masonic bodies. I am honored to have met with our Eastern Star, Zor Shrine, Scottish Rite, York Rite, DeMolay and Job’s Daughters leadership. Of course, I’ve also seen a great deal of caring coming from our Blue Lodge membership. All Stirring Up Good! My Brothers, we are all in this together! Our Masonic Family member-bodies are each equally important parts of the great Masonic story! A story of our Fraternity’s Brotherly Love, Relief, Truth, Charity and Philanthropy which we must continue to share with the world!

Even though I have received many law enforcement career accolades, the greatest honor of my life is to serve as the Grand Master of Masons in Wisconsin. As I continue to travel, I look forward to the many opportunities ahead to meet with more of you. You also are each part of the fabric of the great Masonic story that reverberates with honor throughout our nation and the world.

The best telephone number to reach me is: (608) 482-0424 or my email is: [email protected].  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or helpful ideas to offer.

So, let us keep Stirring Up Good wherever we may go!

Yours in Justice, Humility and Brotherly Love,


Scott E. Pedley

Grand Master