The Grand Master’s October Message

As I have traveled around the state it has been a joy to see all the Good that we are Stirring Up. The gentlemen I have met truly show that the West gate has been strictly guarded and men of kindness, faith, and respectability fill our ranks. A true joy.

On the weekend of September 14-16, the Grand Lodge Officers including the District Lecturers came together in Oshkosh for our Fall staff meeting.  The District Lecturers don’t usually join us but we felt their presence was important. They were able to meet one another and were also able to meet with Grand Lecturer Larry Ganske who shared teaching methods and generally a time of team building.

Our District Lecturers are an extremely important part of this Fraternity. They are the training and educational arm of our organization. They are also the guardians of our precious esoteric work, the work which is what definitely sets us apart from any other organization on earth.

As many of you are aware a strong component of our upcoming Masonic Academy sessions is civility. As Masons we are true gentlemen and most always strive to set the example. A true gentleman, for instance, stands when a lady approaches a dinner table and when she rises.  It is a sign of respect shown to a lady and a sign of respect for ourselves. At the recent Staff Meeting we put this gentlemanly act in motion by doing just that, rising for a lady. Who knows, maybe we can be the instrument to lead the world to be more civil and otherwise more gentlemanly.

A final update is that I requested on behalf of the Masons of Wisconsin that our WI Masonic Foundation reach out to our brothers in North and South Carolina who have been impacted by Hurricane Florence. Visa gift cards have been sent to the respective Grand Lodges of North and South Carolina. You my Brothers have Stirred Up Good by helping in relief in the amount of $10,000 to those in need. Each member of this jurisdiction has ownership in these charitable acts. Acting together to Stir Up Good!

I’ll see you in Lodge!

Yours in Justice, Humility and Brotherly Love,

Scott Pedley

Grand Master