The Grand Master’s November Message

Greetings Brethren!

The United States Marine Corps successfully used the phrase “We’re looking for a few good men.” in their efforts to recruit courageous men willing to serve our great Nation. Our Fraternity is looking for a few good men to serve as Grand Lodge Officers to further the principles of brotherhood, to impact the future leadership of the Craft and to “Stir Up Good”!

To serve as a Grand Lodge Officer is a tremendous honor! This isn’t an exclusive club or closed loop organization. When there is a vacancy, Just and Upright Masons from all areas of this jurisdiction are eligible to serve. I started my role of service as an Area Administrator in 2003 when I was asked by then District Deputy Grand Master Bob Thompson to step up and serve. I went to the sidelines after fulfilling my terms of office. Four years later Grand Master Dr. John Wilke reached out to ask if I would serve again, this time as a District Deputy Grand Master and, after some trepidation I ultimately agreed and, as they say, the rest is history.

Grand Master’s Message If you are interested in serving as a Grand Lodge Officer, please let your wishes be known. Contact your District Deputy Grand Master to make him aware of your interest in serving. If you are ever requested to serve as an Area Administrator or District Lecturer and if your family considerations will allow, just do it! If you are asked, that means someone in our leadership team has identified you as a Brother with special abilities that will be of great aid to our fraternity.

Remember, too, that we are all in this together. Each organization under our Masonic family umbrella deserves our respect and our attention. Scottish Rite Masonry, York Rite Masonry, Shriners, Eastern Star, National Sojourners and the affiliate organizations connected with them are each in need of new members. I have been surprised to learn that many of our Masons joined because their significant-other was a member of Eastern Star. Some men have joined our Craft because their significant-other had been a member of Job’s Daughters or because they themselves were members of our great DeMolay for Boys. My Brothers, again, we are all in this together!

Finally, I want to give a shout out to our Masonic Service Association (MSA) volunteers who serve daily at our Veteran’s Hospitals. Such complete dedication and service to others is so impressive and so Masonic! Talk about “Stirring Up Good”! Our MSA volunteers, lead in Wisconsin by W. Brother Chris Gans, are working daily to serve others. If you have some spare time, please join the ranks of our awesome MSA volunteers.

I’ll see you in Lodge!

Yours in Justice, Humility and Brotherly Love,

Scott Pedley

Grand Master