Happy New Year Brethren!

I have read that January is named after the Roman god, Janus, the god of “doors” and the month of January is generally recognized as the “door” to the calendar year. I’ve also read that the ancient Babylonians are said to have been the first people to make New Year’s resolutions, some 4000 years ago. It has been written that early Christians adopted the use of January 1st as the traditional occasion for thinking about one’s past mistakes and resolving to do and be better in the future.

Although our “Masonic Year” begins May 1 and doesn’t align with the “Calendar Year”, that doesn’t prevent us from each making resolutions of our own. Most of the time resolutions of today are most often focused on self-improvement, rather than resolutions of some 4000 years ago which were focused on promises made to the gods.

My Brothers, Just and Upright Masons are Stirring Up Good wherever they go! Freemasonry is changing the world for the better in miraculous ways. When any of our Lodges and their members engage in charitable acts for individual aid and relief and for community enhancements through their local efforts or through our Acts of Kindness Program, for instance, YOU are changing the world!

Also, I believe the ability to read is an elementary right of every citizen of the United States and our Scottish Rite-Mason Dyslexia Centers for Children fill the void which often exists in our public/private school educational system. Our Scottish Rite Masons are Stirring Up Good! Also, our Shrine-Masons are busy changing the world for the better by funding 22 Shriner Hospitals in North America in order to provide needed, free medical care for children. Stirring Up Good? You bet!

Our wonderful Eastern Star members are active in their community efforts and they give generously to the successes occurring at our Three Pillars Senior Living Communities. York Rite-Masons are always busy in their efforts to further the goals of improved vision testing and research. Stirring Up Good? Absolutely!

Our Jobs Daughters and DeMolay for Boys are changing the world with their excellence in leadership training and life-changing experiences being shared with those young people bold enough to grasp the significance of these worthy organizations!

My quick list of Masonic related affiliate organizations goes further with Amaranth, Red Cross of Constintine, Daughters of the Nile, Rainbow for Girls, National Sojourners, Societas Rosecruciana, and more . . . they are each Stirring Up Good for people throughout the world!

Just and Upright Masons ARE CHANGING THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER, there are no doubts! My Brothers, at this special time of the New Year, let us Resolve to be committed to the cause of strenuously clinging to our Masonic Obligations we each swore to when we were kneeling at the Altar of Freemasonry. Let us further Resolve to commit to act with improved civility and gentlemanly behavior—always, as a part of our road to self-improvement as Masons.

Keep Stirring Up Good my Brothers! I’ll see you in Lodge.

Scott Pedley

Grand Master