The Grand Master’s December Address “Tis the season”.


Greetings Brethren,

“‘Tis the season” From Thanksgiving through New Year’s, “Tis the Season” The phrase may cause us to reflect and to think of things as secular as Frosty the Snowman, Bing Crosby or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. We may also think of the images of the faithful shepherds worshipping at a manger and angels spreading peace on our precious earth. It is a time of giving and reflection.

It is a time of year for family, merriment, joy, and gifts. It is a time to remember those long past, generations yet to come, and our Creator. A season of comfort, joy and Brotherly Love.

As I continue to travel throughout this jurisdiction and have the great fortune to meet the finest Masons ever, I cannot help but believe that Freemasonry is one of our Supreme Architects greatest gifts to the world. As Freemasons you and I have been the recipients of the most profound teachings of goodness and decency that are available to any just and upright man.

These teachings cause Freemasonry to change the world while we give back to our communities through our generous and charitable efforts inside and outside of our Lodges. ‘Tis the season is a continuous theme for Freemasons who are Stirring Up Good wherever they go.

I’m thankful to each of you who hold true to our Masonic values. Your giving practices of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth truly set us apart from others.   Thank you for this great opportunity to serve as the Grand Master of Masons in Wisconsin.

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season!!

Scott Pedley

Grand Master