Grand Masters February Message

Greetings Brethren!

If we pause for a moment and try to catch a glimpse into the future of Freemasonry and where we are going, I see an amazingly bright light on our horizon. The continual Degree work being done in our Lodges, that YOU have been responsible for, is a source of enormous pride and optimism for the future of this wonderful Fraternity! We will be Stirring Up Good long into the future.

As I travel, the great Masonic stories of Brotherly Love for one another, Relief of those in distress and the Truth of Freemasonry’s overarching mission of decency and goodness make for a platform that is undeniably a gift to humanity from the Supreme Architect.

My Brothers, it has been said that “Freemasonry is changing the world for the better!”  In our Nation which seems to be tormented by incivility, there is a group of men who can, who will make a difference. Freemasonry is the standard by which civility and gentlemanly conduct can be returned to the forefront of our daily lives. The world needs us and our Just and Upright teachings in order to bring back and sustain civility in the daily lives of our families and neighbors.

I urge you to take some time to look around you at the people you interact with on a daily basis and if there happens to be that fellow you know and respect and he is a man of good report, go to him to urge him to consider membership in the greatest Fraternity known to man.  Not because the burdens of Freemasonry are too heavy, rather, because Freemasonry will help him “to make his own self more noble and to realize his own true worth” and as a result he will build upon his most valuable possession–his character. That he too may take part in Stirring Up Good and by his actions influence the world around him.

Your Lodge Secretary, my Grand Lodge officers or the staff at the Grand Masonic Center Office are available to provide you with Petitions for Membership.

My Brothers, you and I have an obligation to the future of Freemasonry.  It is up to us to seek out those good men who we know would benefit from the excellent precepts found in Freemasonry.  If you and I don’t seek these good men out, then who will?  It is up to you and I to further this, the greatest Fraternity ever known.

I’ll see you in Lodge!

Scott E. Pedley

Grand Master