Grand Master’s June Address to the Craft

Greetings Brethren,

Thank You! Thank you for allowing me to serve in the awesome role as your Grand Master of Masons in Wisconsin.

As I write this last Grand Master’s message for our wonderful Wisconsin Masonic Journal, I’ve been reflecting on the previous 12 months which I believe have been very well spent!  It is you, the just and upright Freemasons of Wisconsin that have been the source of my energy. Lifting me daily with your pride and optimism. You have been Stirring Up Good across this great state and I am so proud of you. From the local lodge leadership to every single Brother across this jurisdiction you have had a part in all the good we have accomplished.  I’m proud of all that you do daily to help move this great fraternity forward.

It has been my goal since our last Annual Communication to adopt a course of leadership which has embraced the elements of Justice, Humility and Brotherly Love combined with common sense, careful stewardship of the Grand Lodge budget and otherwise practical decision making. I’m hopeful that history will judge this past year favorably and, of course, each of you without question is entitled to fully assess whether or not effective leadership has occurred.

This year’s Grand Lodge Officer Team is a group of extraordinarily talented Brethren who genuinely care about the Craft and the contemporary issues facing our Fraternity. With an eye on the future they are planning for our continued success. We are of the belief that our beloved Fraternity is too big to limit ourselves to small dreams.  My Brothers, we are in an era of Masonic renewal and I firmly believe we can all look to the future of Wisconsin Freemasonry with great optimism.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Lady Ronda for her tireless contributions to aid and assist me during this time and the last decade-plus of service in my various roles with the Grand Lodge. I would not have been able to commit a fraction of the time to serve you had it not been for her support. I must also thank my energetic son and fellow Brother David who has tended to the farming part of my life at home this past year, as well. My employer, the Benton State Bank’s CEO/President Mr. Steve Malone and Sr. Vice-President Mrs. Kay Brink, have allowed for a significant amount of time away without ever questioning the need for me to be gone.

Finally, it is my hope that you will treat the new Grand Master as well as you have treated me during my time in the Grand East. Thank you again for this, the greatest honor of my life to serve as the Grand Master of Masons in Wisconsin. Let’s Keep Stirring Up Good!

I’ll see you in Lodge!

Scott E. Pedley

Grand Master