Bro. Kevin Baker and AED in Squad helped Save Man’s Life


Brother Deputy Kevin Baker, 11-year law enforcement officer
with AED furnished by Lafayette County Masons helped save a life.

By Bro. Dave Ritchie

A call came into 911, “A man was down in a field-trouble breathing.” Lafayette County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Baker, a Brother of Amicitia Lodge No. 25 in Shullsburg and an 11-year veteran in law enforcement, responded to the call. Dispatch had already started talking the man’s son through first aid and when a first responder from Argyle arrived he began chest compressions. Baker upon arriving grabbed the AED out of the squad and began hooking the man up.

The AED delivered two shocks along with the chest compressions keeping the man alive until Argyle EMS arrived. Argyle EMS hooked up their AED which delivered two more shocks before the Med Flight helicopter could take him to Madison. Officer Baker was quick to point out that he had not acted alone. People had responded from Monroe, Woodford, Argyle, as well as the Med Flight team. He credited Dispatch with a great job in handling the situation and getting emergency first aid started. He also credited the Masons.

The Masons of Lafayette County, Shullsburg No. 25, Olive Branch No. 6, Evening Star No. 64, and Argyle No. 178, had joined together to place an AED in each of the county’s squad cars through project Adam. For a small Sheriff’s department on a tight budget the assistance with the AED was very much appreciated. Officer Baker stated that having the AED in the squad, “Gave some-body a chance at life who didn’t have one.” In an email from Lafayette County Sheriff Reg Gill, “I was informed by Andy Chenous that Deputy Baker did an outstanding job and having the AED available so quickly was vital to saving the gentleman… Please pass along our sincere thanks to your fellow Masons.”