Every Child Should Have a Place at the Table The Challenge Coin — POWER coupled with BENEVOLENCE The Grand Master’s Appeal Challenge Coin

The Grand Master’s Appeal Challenge Coin Front
The Grand Master’s Appeal Challenge Coin Back

It cannot be bought. It is not for sale but is awarded to the benevolent donor who has sup-ported feeding a hungry child with a donation to the Grand Masters Appeal. There is no reward for having one; other than the self-satisfaction that you have touched the life of someone who does not know when they will be enjoying his or her next meal. The coin itself represents nothing but hope for a hungry child. It is physically small, about the diameter of plum tomato, and as thick as a cracker. But no matter its size, it has a huge glow around it as it is carried and/or displayed by someone whose heart is big enough to help a child from going to bed hungry. When you acquire one of these, it is impossible for you to know what power your simple donation had. “Living is Giving” and your giving made it possible for someone to continue living.

The Power Side The coin differs on each side. I call side one the “Power Side.” Pictured is a cornucopia or horn of plenty being engulfed by a set of compasses. The cornucopia originated from the ancient Greeks and Romans and has always been recognized as a symbol of plenty. During the Thanksgiving holiday, its presence on the dining table is not uncommon. The Compasses wraps its points around the cornucopia. The compasses being one of the foundation symbols of the Fraternity have their arms wrapped around the cornucopia as if offering the con-tents of the horn to others. As Masons, it is the goal of our Fraternity to wrap its arms around those less fortunate being it widows, orphans, or anyone in need, and offer what it can give. The power of this site comes from the supremacy of the three rungs of Jacob’s Ladder; Faith in the Almighty, Hope in Immortality, and Charity to all Mankind. The greatest of these is “Charity”. Our kindness today, whether it be goods or time, can leave a legacy long after our soul has departed our mortal frame. The Masonic tenet of Relief to the poor and distressed is a POWER that emanates from the members of our Fraternity.

The Benevolence Side Side two displays the target or aim of the coin, which is that no child should go hungry and every child should have a place at the table. Out of the Square and Compasses is growing sheaves of wheat surrounding the target. The target is Feeding Wisconsin which is the instrument of this Grand Master’s Appeal to get the food to the families that are food insecure. The target cannot escape. It is trapped by the banner of Masonic Tenets above. May our Masonic Tenets also work to capture the foundation of our beloved Fraternity in the hearts of all Masons.