Grand Master’s Message – December 2021

Grand Master Gary L. Stang


     Andy Williams sang the song “It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year” and I believe he was right. Having spent time with our families during Thanksgiving and with all the December holidays (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and others) coming up, it gives us more time to spend with family and friends. So, I believe, he was right — it is a great time of the year!

     All these wonderful occasions give us time to think about all the blessings we have received from our Creator. Please, don’t forget to give thanks for those blessings. 

     I’ve had the opportunity and taken the time to call and visit with Brothers that are really sick. Some are on hospice care and, hopefully, they will be able to spend one more Thanksgiving and/or Christmas with their families. One brother has so many illnesses that, if it were me, I couldn’t possibly handle it. He said everyday he wakes up happier than the previous one and takes time to enjoy every day. I try to live every day with that thought, however it sure can be a challenge! Remember, wake up every day happier than the last and take time to enjoy every day to the fullest!

     Soon it will be the end of another year and the start of a new one. I always look forward to setting new goals and making a plan for the coming year. I hope your lodge is making plans for a successful year.  Take time to complete your lodge calendar like RWDGM Paul Tourville has asked us to do. Work with your District Team and your lodge Brothers and get some exciting things planned. With a calendar of events, our Brothers know what is coming and that will get them excited, too. Have some fun and spread the cement of Brotherly Love. Find some fun ideas for your lodge and get others to come and visit.  Make sure to invite us all and make it something special. Get your new Master Masons involved so they can see how great it is to be a Mason. 

     My Grand Marshal and other officers have joined me in visiting lodges and shut-in Brothers all over the state. I want to thank those Brothers and lodges for their hospitality. If you haven’t been traveling, you are missing something very special. Get out and meet some of our Brothers. They’re wonderful men that you will enjoy getting to know. It is not only fun for you but exciting for the Brothers you are visiting.  Don’t forget to bring your new Master Masons with you!

     Reedsburg Lodge recently held their annual “Shed Lodge.” Wow!  What a great time! Make sure not to miss the next one!

     Many lodges are getting ready for School of Instruction. Make it a fun time and get other lodges to join in. Let’s make sure we know how to open and close well so when the degree is completed and the officers get ready to close, they look sharp! Let’s not have a really good degree and then stumble through the closing. 

     After installation, I would ask the new WM to get a calling team together and call every brother. Once you receive your Recapitulation Report and make payment to the Grand Lodge for your membership, they are all paid up for that year. This is a great time to call them all.  You can call to say “Hi, how are you doing?” and thank them for being a member of our great fraternity. Just think, we never asked for money.  It’s a great call and everyone can do it. Your Brothers will enjoy hearing from you.    

     I just want to say that you’re the best group of men I have ever met! Thanks again for being my Brother and for all you do for our fraternity!  “Let’s spread the cement of Brotherly Love.”

     I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and that you will enjoy the Holiday season and remember to give thanks for all you have.

“Love ya, Brothers!”   Brother Gary