Freemasons show community generosity at WABAM Slinger Nationals

Peter T. Tourville, President of Wisconsin Masonic Charities receiving a donation from PepperJack Kennels GM, Marty Melo. A portion of this generous donation was used to purchase a Fire Suppression Tool which was presented to the Slinger and West Allis Police Departments.

It was another huge night for Wisconsin freemasonry!

The Wisconsin Freemasons were out in full force at the Slinger Super Speedway WABAM Nationals on July 12th as they donated Fire Suppression Tools to the Slinger and West Allis Police Departments.

“The Slinger Police Department really appreciates the donation of the Fire Suppression Tool units from the Milwaukee Harmony Lodge. Having these units readily available to officers will help keep our community safer which helps enhance our goals as first responders” said Slinger Police Chief Dean Schmidt. “It is a great honor to be the recipient of a donation from the Freemasons of Wisconsin members of Lake Lodge #189,” said West Allis Deputy Chief of Police Robert Fletcher.

The members from the Freemasons of Wisconsin have been donating Fire Suppression Tools to Police Departments and fire departments throughout the state. These tools help first responders by slowing the progression of a fire, helping them to gain valuable and often critical minutes and seconds to help save lives.

Paul T. Tourville, Grand Master of Wisconsin Freemasonry, addresses the crowd at Slinger Super Speedway.

“For nearly 200 years, the Freemasons of Wisconsin have taken considerable pride in the positive impact we have had in our local communities,” said Paul T. Tourville, Grand Master of Wisconsin Freemasonry. “Throughout the state, we consistently strive to make our communities safer and better and our partnership with Fire Suppression Solutions allows us to continue to have that amazing impact. By getting these units into the hands of local police and fire departments, there is no doubt that we will be saving property and lives.”

Proud to be a Freemason!