Grand Master’s Message – October 2022

I’m Proud to be a Freemason.

I’m Proud of who we are.

I’m Proud of what we do.

My Brothers,

A quote from my recent email. “It’s Official!  Wisconsin Freemasonry has now raised more Master Masons in 2022 than all of 2021!  …and it’s only mid-September! WOW!!  Congratulations!!!

You all know that being bigger does not necessarily make us better but, it does allow us to do more things.  More impact on our communities, more opportunities to grow personally, and more opportunities to mentor good men to name a few.”

I’m so Proud to have sent that email last month.

Lots of great happening right now in Wisconsin Freemasonry!

Now that all our Lodges are “back to light”, great things are happening! In fact, if this trend continues, we will raise more Master Masons this year than we have in over a decade!! That said though please, please make no mistake why these men are joining our Fraternity. They are joining our Fraternity because of you. They want mentors, they want Brothers, and they want friends. They’re coming to be with YOU! I assume, if given the chance, most of you would love to serve as a Mentor, a Brother, and a friend more often. We always say that we make good men better, it’s time to prove it.

We are in the middle of our fall district meeting season. Lots of great information certain to be shared by lots of talented men. The talent of the Wisconsin Freemason leadership team is absolutely astounding. Take the ideas that you hear from them and your brothers in attendance and put them to work. We need to make sure our calendars are full as we charge into fall and setup what sure to be a great 2023.

In my recent email I published suggested “Standard Operating Procedures” that I have subscribed to for many years. I believe all lodges should consider this idea.  It’s up to you, it’s your Lodge but, please whether you’re a Worshipful Master finishing your term, or you are expecting to be a Worshipful Master next year, now is the time to make sure your calendar is full of value for your members, especially member appreciation/retention events.  As a review:

       Potential Lodge “Standard Operating Procedures” – 7 events that could always be on your Lodge’s Calendar!

– Be Proactive, not reactive.

– Set a clear course of activities for the Lodge.

– Much easier for scheduling

– No candidate for Freemasonry falls through the cracks!

– Even without a candidate, performing our ritual is amazing learning experience.  “We make good men better!”

1. An EA Degree is on the calendar, with/without a candidate.

2. A FC Degree is on the calendar, with/without an EA ready.

3. A MM Degree is on the calendar, with/without a FC ready.

4. A membership event focused on relevance within your community is on the calendar.

5. A membership event focused on retention and/or restoration is on the calendar.

6. A community event is on the calendar.

7. A Police/Fire/Military/Healthcare workers’ event is on the calendar.

As soon as 1 of the above is completed schedule the next!

In a recent conversation with our District 7 Lecturer, Eric Pantano, he mentioned how I’ve challenged people to wear/display a Masonic shirt, ring, car decal, etc. at all times.  He mentioned, now that he is doing that, he is astounded how people consistently approach him to share positive thoughts about Masonry or to ask him what’s it’s all about. That certainly creates a reason for a starter conversation. I sent out several, via email, I use recently as well.

“This may help…

 An Elevator speech/Starter Conversation

  • Prospective Mason: I see by your ring/pin that you are a Mason.  Why?
  • My/Your response: Do you have someone in your life that you truly enjoy spending time with? Someone that you know you can trust? Someone that you truly respect? Someone that you know makes you a better person?
  • Prospective Mason: Yes but, what does that have to do with why you are a Mason?
  • My/Your response: I am a Mason because every time I attend a Masonic event I get to spend time with several men like that. Would you like to meet some of them?


  • Prospective Mason: What is Masonry?
  • Response: Masonry is best described by 6 words: 3 we promise to always do and 3 we promise we will never do.  We promise we will always Help, Aid, and Assist, and that we will never Cheat, Wrong, or Defraud, not just fellow Masons, but all people.  Does that sound like an organization you’d like to learn more about?  What day of the week is best for you to meet with myself and several of my Brothers to learn more?

And another.

  • What’s up with that license plate pin?
  • I’m Proud to be a Freemason.  I’m Proud of who we are and I’m Proud of what we do.  For nearly 200 years Wisconsin Freemasonry has been improving our communities and making them safer. Lots to be Proud of.  Are you available to chat with us on Saturday at xxx or Wednesday at xxx to learn more about us?

And another..

  • What is Masonry?
  • One of our most basic purposes of our organization is to make good men even better. This is the opening line on our website  I believe, and I’m sure you agree, our lives are largely impacted by those that we surround ourselves with. Freemasonry is full of great men that make each of us better.  What time of day is best for you to have a conversation with myself and several of my Brothers to learn more?

And Finally….  by: Ill. Mike Burnham 33º, Past Master, and your Wisconsin Freemasonry Membership Committee Chair (then Senior Warden of Freemasons Lodge)

  • Why are you a Mason?
  • Before I became a Mason, I only knew two guys that I would trust with my life.   My best friends that I knew would always put my best interest first.  Now that I’ve been a Mason for 5 years, I could name 20!  Why wouldn’t you like to learn more?

Whether to copy one of these or create your own is up to you but, please have a conversation ready when asked. 

Lastly, I’ll mention this.  In September I had the honor of raising my son, Landon, as a Master Mason.  What an unbelievable experience!  A fantastic day at the Shawano Day of Light organized by George Tincher, the members of Shawano Lodge, and the Brothers of District 4 led by their Deputy Chris “Skipper” Young.  Fantastic!  That day Landon and I spent about 7 hours driving back and forth from our homes to Shawano.  The ride home was amazing!  The excitement!! The conversation!!! If you have not had an opportunity to raise a son, a Father, or a dear friend, now is the time. Share your pride of Freemasonry with your sons, Fathers, coworkers, and friends. Reach out to those men that you respect, those that are already Freemasons in their heart, and expose them to the greatest organization in the world. Our relevance is growing, our impact is growing, why not do it with those you’ve got longstanding relationships with, now strengthened by the amazing principles and lessons of our Fraternity.

I’m Proud to be a Freemason.

I’m Proud of who we are.

I’m Proud of what we do.

Paul T. Tourville, Grand Master

Wisconsin Freemasonry