Bayfield-Washburn Masonic Lodge Presents Four Fire Suppression Tools

The Brothers of Bayfield-Washburn Masonic Lodge No. 215 presented the Police Departments of Red Cliff, Bayfield, LaPointe, and Washburn each with a state-of-the-art Fire Suppression Tool (FST). The FSTs help to quickly suppress and extinguish fires in enclosed spaces – and were presented to the Police Departments, as they are typically the emergency responders first to the scene of a fire, accident, or other emergency that might necessitate the use of such a device.

Pictured in the photo from left: Don Miller, Ancient Landmark Lodge; Nicholas Suminski, Washburn Police Department; District 1 Deputy Danny L. Bourassa; Matt Ludwig, Bayfield Police Department; Jess Hall, Red Cliff Police Department; Neil Schultz, Bayfield-Washburn Lodge; Thomas Rossberger, LaPointe Police Department; and Joseph LeBouton and Ross Lind, both of Bayfield-Washburn Lodge. 

The FSTs were made possible by a generous grant from the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation and exemplify the community partnership between Masons throughout Wisconsin and our first responders.

Submitted by Bro. Ross Lind