Grand Master Speaks on Fire Suppression Tools and Membership at Reedsburg “Shed Lodge”

By Rich Rygh, Wisconsin Masonic Journal

District 8 Deputy Daniel C. Brylla again made his “shed” in rural Reedsburg available to Masons from all over the state for Reedsburg Lodge’s Annual Shed Lodge on Oct 1. It was an evening of blue jeans, great food and good old Masonic fellowship, along with a few stories. 

Grand Master Paul T. Tourville stated he appreciated the opportunity to talk and he appreciated the dress code even more. He stated, “It is a pretty cool time to be a Mason in the State of Wisconsin, isn’t it?” 

The Grand Master said “I am proud to be a Freemason, I am proud of who we are and I am proud of what we do. I am really proud we are telling the world that we are proud to be Freemasons.” 

Grand Master Tourville said we have already raised more than 50 percent more Masons at this time this year than we did all of last year. He said there is not another state in this country that can say that. 

He said we now because of the social media and the volume of men to choose from a lodge can select its members to suit their culture. We are not about to lower our standards. 

The Grand Master said the Masons built this country and it now needs us more than ever. 

We need to know the men we are signing the petition for to protect our lodge culture. The Grand Master stated that if a petition comes through stating you have only known this person for one day you are going to be getting a call from him. 

The Grand Master said, “Go out to those guys you know in your communities that you know in their heart are already Masons and introduce them to this unbelievable organization.” 

The Grand Master said, “Always get caught being a good guy.” 

The Grand Master went on to promote the “Acts of Kindness” and what we have done to become relevant in our communities through the giving away of fire suppression tools, AEDs and bleeding control kits. 

Up to $200k donated to the “Acts of Kindness” will be matched.