Grand Master’s Message – January 2023

I’m Proud to be a Freemason! 

I’m Proud of who we are!

I’m Proud of what we do!

My Brothers,

I’m so proud of our Masonic Family! 2022 will be remembered as a year in which Freemasonry in Wisconsin underwent tremendous resurgence. There is no doubt this resurgence is due to all of us that belong to the Masonic family. Our families enable us to do what we love to do. Our families give us the strength and the courage to live our lives the way good men should live their lives. As I travel the state having the privilege of installing the officers of nearly 25% of our Lodges, I’m trying my best to remind all present to celebrate this season. Especially the reason for the season.

I’m Proud of what we do!

As we celebrate this holiday season with our families, please remember the unbelievable impact Freemasonry has on your local community. Our families enable us to serve our communities, making them safer and better places to live for all.

I continue to receive calendars of events from Worshipful Masters that I’m installing. If you are a new Worshipful Master and have not sent me your calendar yet, please do so immediately. [email protected]

I watch the Steward’s faces come to life as I install them, give them a Lodge Membership roster, and challenge them to call all the Brothers of their Lodge on their respective birthday and Masonic anniversaries.  They are consistently excited to start the task of talking to Brothers as they celebrate.

I watch our newest Master Masons, excited about beginning the process of introducing themselves to all the members of their Lodge as I present rosters to them as well and challenge them to reach out to start great relationships. They know their Masonic journey will be better because of these relationships.  They know there are mentors all over the place in our Masonic lodges. They know why they joined our amazing fraternity and they’re excited to meet you!

As we move into the new calendar year, we again have some significant Masonic Day of Lights in front of us:

January 14th in Kenosha conferred by District 11

February 4th in Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Eau Claire hosted by the Scottish Rite Valleys of the same.  Yes 3 in one day!

April 1st in Oshkosh hosted by our York Rite

Our appendant bodies are significant in our value prop. We had huge success with our Shriner Masonic Day of Light’s, and I have no doubt as we move forward we will with the Scottish Rite and York Rite events as well.  A BIG Thank You to the leaders of our appendant bodies for their facilitation in making these days happen!

I’m proud of who we are.

The biggest part of who I am is my family.  I always think it’s appropriate but especially at this time of year to say Thank You to my lady Kelli. Kelli you’re the one that keeps our family together and focused. There is no doubt of the impact we as a family have upon each other and our community! I am so proud to be your husband. Merry Christmas Pretty Lady. 😊

I’m Proud to be a Freemason! 

I’m Proud of who we are!

I’m Proud of what we do!

Paul T. Tourville,

Grand Master of Wisconsin Freemasonry