Prairie View Masonic Lodge Rings Bells for Salvation Army

The tintinnabulation of the ringing of the bells!

Prairie View Masonic Lodge No. 95 once again took a day ringing the Salvation Army bell at Walgreens in Ripon on Dec. 3. The Brothers gather every year to support their local Salvation Army and partner with them to help support their community. 

The monies raised from previous Red Kettle campaigns were used to help people with rent, utilities, lodging and other needs. In addition, the Ripon Area Salvation Army donated money through a special project donation to the Santa Club to help people who otherwise may have not been able to celebrate Christmas.

In the photo above, we see PM Brian Azingertakes during his bell-ringing shift. Other Brothers who rang were PM Mead Grim, PM Ron Triemstra, Bill Boutwell, Tom Archambo, WM elect Greg Frounfelter, Jonathan Chavez, Phil Wepner, and PM Rick Coles. 

Submitted by PM Rick Coles