Lodi Masonic Lodge Donates Critically Important Fire Fighting Device to Mazomanie

The Brethren of Lodi Valley Masonic Lodge donated a state-of-the-art Fire Suppression Tool to the nearby Mazomanie Fire Department. The Brethren of Lodi Lodge are proud partners with the first responders in their area.

Lodi Valley Lodge Number 99 has deep roots in Mazomanie with the Lodge having members from the area due to several Lodge mergers years back. The Lodi Brethren still ensure that the Mazomanie community continues to receive their aid and support.

The Fire Suppression Tool is an innovative way to fight building and vehicle fires. The device, smaller than a briefcase, can be thrown into a structure engulfed in flames and, within 30 seconds, emit a non-hazardous aerosol which will greatly suppress or even extinguish the fire.

There’s no doubt that these devices will be critically important for the Mazomanie Fire Department as they endeavor to save people, pets, and property.

This device is especially important to more rural fire departments as it can often take longer to get a water truck to a fire because of the distance from the fire house. This Fire Suppression Tool can be easily transported in the emergency jump vehicles that are often the first to arrive on the scene of a fire or emergency.