Union Masonic Lodge Presents Fire Suppression Tool to Evansville Police Department

Pictured from left: Grand Tiler LeRoy Huber, Senior Warden; DR Robert Barnett, Master; Officer Aaron Johnson; and Sergeant Jessica Rittenhouse. 

Union Masonic Lodge No. 32 in Evansville recently presented a Fire Suppression Tool (FST) to the Evansville Police Department. The Masons of this Lodge are so proud to partner with their first responders – and this generous gift from the Lodge will help make their community safer.

The FST device is designed to be tossed into a burning building or vehicle and emit a nonhazardous aerosol that can greatly suppress or even fully extinguish a fire in 30-60 seconds. The emission is safe for humans and pets – and will help fire fighters more safely enter a structure in search of anyone who may be trapped inside.

Pictured from left: Grand Tiler LeRoy Huber, who also serves as Union Lodge’s Senior Warden; District Representative Brother Robert Barnett, Master of Union Lodge; Evansville Police Officer Aaron Johnson; and Evansville Police Sergeant Jessica Rittenhouse. 

Union Lodge is a proud supporter of their community and its first responders. The Fire Suppression Tool was made possible through the “Acts of Kindness” program funded by the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation.

Submitted by District Representative Robert Barnett