Building Better Communities Through Wisconsin Masonic Foundation’s Acts of Kindness

By Brother Peter Tourville, President, Wisconsin Masonic Foundation 

Greetings and thank you for your support on behalf of the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation (WMF). 2022 brought a lot of changes to the WMF and how we are helping Freemasons build better communities in Wisconsin through Acts of Kindness. 

The Wisconsin Masonic Foundation Acts of Kindness program is making a difference locally and becoming recognizable outside our Fraternity. The Acts of Kindness Fire Suppression Tool (FST) program allowed Freemasons to donate 300 plus FSTs statewide helping make Freemasonry relevant within each community that benefited. 

In addition, we completed our previous commitment to the Milwaukee Public Schools by refreshing the Automated External Defibrillator’s or AEDs. AEDs, while always relevant, have become extremely recognizable with the recent incident in the NFL involving Damar Hamlin and our program to donate them to our communities could not be timelier. We encourage local Lodges to reach out to police, fire, first responders, schools, and public facilities to ensure that they have an AED available and that they are still in working order. Those who need an AED must get one and the WMF will work with you to make it happen, as well as ensure that the local Lodge gets “credit” for the donation. 

The WMF wants to support the Acts of Kindness of Freemasons in their local communities for years to come — and to do this we need the WMF to grow. Dollars donated to the WMF Acts of Kindness support communities throughout the state, regardless of local membership, and its programs that are in line with the moral compass of a Freemason. We need to spread the word of our Acts of Kindness and get others involved in our Acts of Kindness. Many who, for whatever reason, are not involved in Masonry will support our Acts of Kindness if they see our participation in local causes. 

Therefore, we need to support programs that appeal to these individuals, companies and other Foundations and make it easy for them to donate to us. Giving to programs within your community along with donations of FSTs and AEDs are great ways to show others your desire to make the community better. Our programs are needed, and people want to be associated with others that want to make things better for everyone. In addition, we encourage everyone to please give your most valuable asset of all, time, and ask that while you are volunteering your time that you volunteer as a Freemason. Please wear the Square and Compass, be proud of what it represents and who you represent while you wear it. 

We are making a difference locally and it is being noticed nationally. Keep up your great work. 

Again, thank you for your support of the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation

Brother Peter Tourville