Crandon Masons Make Community Ornaments

By Brother DJ Huddleston 

Like other Brethren throughout our state, Brothers in Crandon Masonic Lodge No. 287 are trying to find innovative and cost effective ways to promote Masonry and recognize their Brethren both within the Lodge and throughout our community.

With the support of the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation, the Crandon Lodge has recently been able to get press coverage for donating a Fire Suppression Tool to one of their local EMT-Fire Rescue Units and provided a significant scholarship to a local high school senior. They also recently worked with their local Chamber of Commerce to pull off an effective “Christmas on Main Street” outreach program, a great idea which was reported in this blog late last year. 

What has not been publicly promoted is their work with a local high school Fab Lab to produce commemorative ornaments for Brothers or their widows. This year’s simple design, which recognizes and honors the Lodge’s 118 proud years of existence, was unveiled at their December stated meeting where past officers of the lodge were recognized and new officers elected. 

What a great idea to capture both the joyous feelings of the holidays and to celebrate the Lodge’s long and proud tradition of being a part of the Crandon community! The Lodge hopes to make a tradition out of creating unique ornaments and distributing them to Brothers or their windows annually around the holidays.