National Sojourners Present US Flag to Wisconsin Masonic Center

By Bro. Dave Mahoney 

Brother John Prindle, Wisconsin Masonic Center Director, recently contacted Brother Dave Mahoney regarding replacing the tattered flag outside of the Wisconsin Masonic Center.

Brother Mahoney contacted Truax Chapter #97 National Sojourners who are based in Madison, Wisconsin. The Truax Sojourners consented to purchase a flag for the Center. Brother Mahoney contacted fellow Masonic Brothers Darrel (AJ) Fuecht, who also serves as Truax Chapter President and Greg Chille, who also serves as the HEROES Camp Commander, and they agreed that the Truax Chapter would provide a flag. 

The 8 x 12 foot flag was presented to Brother Prindle at the Wisconsin Masonic Center over the holiday season and was ready to fly with all her beauty and glory with the start of the new year. Also presented y the Sojourners was a framed poster of the “Tribute to the Flag”. 

Truax Chapter #197 is one of two National Sojourners groups in Wisconsin — the other being Milwaukee Chapter #27 based in the Milwaukee area.

Pictured left to right: Dave Mahoney, John Prindle, Greg Chille and AJ Feucht.