Over 60 Masons Complete Lodge Leadership Training Workshops

By District 10 Deputy Christopher R. Cochrane 

Congratulations! You’ve been elected Master of your Lodge… now what? 

Everyone is looking to you for leadership and you are staring blankly back at them. Your anxiety is growing because you have no idea what to do next. You still need to become proficient at opening and closing the Lodge which looked much easier when you weren’t in the East. The pressure is on and you’re beginning to doubt yourself and your abilities. 

The Lodge Leadership Training Workshop was created to avoid this very scenario. By implementing the Executive Training Program in the Lodge, leadership skills are developed in each role to build the necessary skills to effectively lead the Lodge. 

Over sixty Masons attended the two Lodge Leadership Training Workshops which were held on Jan. 7 in Oshkosh and on Jan. 14 in West Bend. During the three-hour workshop, the attendees learned how to create a vision for their Lodge that will serve as a roadmap and how to set specific actionable items for the Lodge to accomplish. They also identified the specific roles for each officer on the Leadership Team and how they are designed to build upon each other as well as the importance of taking extreme ownership to elevate their position within the Lodge. 

The Leadership Team of each Lodge learned that they should focus on helping make their lodge successful. During the workshop, the Six Characteristics of a Successful Lodge (credit to Brother Derek Henze) was presented: Brotherhood / Fellowship; Self-Improvement; Charity; Masonic History / Education; Community Involvement; and Ritual.

The Leadership Team is encouraged to rate their lodge in each of the six characteristics to help identify weak areas and create specific actionable steps to take to improve in that area. A breakout session allowed officers to brainstorm and share ideas to help elevate their lodge in numerous areas. 

The attendees left energized with specific items that they will begin to implement in their lodge immediately. 

If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of the Executive Training Program, please see your District Deputy or email Chris Cochrane at [email protected].

Grand Master Paul T. Tourville addresses the training session