Barnes Brethren Support Solon Springs Volunteer Fire Department

The Brethren of Barnes Masonic Lodge No. 365 in Iron River, Wisconsin recently presented the Solon Springs Volunteer Fire Department with a state-of-the-art GreenPort Portable Fire Suppression Tool. 

These small devices fit in the trunk of a squad car or other first responder vehicles and can dramatically reduce fire and water damage in enclosures like houses, garages, stores, or sheds. They are lightweight and easy to deploy: just “pull the pin and throw it in” and within 35 seconds, the fire is suppressed and the temperature inside the enclosure drops over 1000 degrees, making it a safer environment to extract trapped firefighters or citizens. These devices will help save lives – and the Barnes Masonic Lodge is proud to help make our community a safer place!

Pictured above from left: Tom Davidson, Brother Richard Eisenmann, District 1 Deputy Danny L. Bourassa, Dillon Jonereau, Jon Brostowitz, District Representative George Eisenmann III, Brother Kevin Baker, Brother Ken Mertz and Noha Stano. 

The Brothers from Barnes are proud supporters of their local first responders!

Submitted by District 1 Deputy Danny L. Bourassa