Crandon Lodge Presents FSTs to Forest County Sheriff, Local Rescue Squad

Submitted by Brother Boyd Monte 

The Brethren of Crandon Masonic Lodge No. 287 donated a second portable fire suppression tool (FST) in Forest County on February 6th to the Forest County Sheriff’s Office. The first unit was presented to the Laona/Wabeno Rescue Squad in August. 

Pictured above is the most recent donation, with Crandon Lodge Brother DJ Huddleston presenting the FST to Forest County Sheriff Jeff Marvin.

Both first responders were appreciative to receive the state-of-the-art fire suppression tools. They are especially valuable in rural areas of the state where it may take a fire-fighting vehicle longer to respond to the fire, given the distance from the firehouse.  However, these FSTs are the size of a briefcase and easily fit into the trunk or safety box of a smaller emergency response vehicle.  

From left: Crandon Lodge Brothers Jay Wilson and Louis Spaude; Laona/Wabeno Rescue Squad members Rick Enders and Abby Cassidy; and Brother DJ Huddleston during the August donation.

This blog has previously reported on other community activities the Brothers in Crandon have been up to recently, such as their partnering with their local high school “Fab Lab” to design and produce Masonic Lodge Christmas Ornaments and partnering with their local chamber of commerce to open the Lodge doors and participate in “Christmas on Main Street” in Crandon.

The Brothers in Crandon are doing great things – and are proud to be Freemasons!