Prairie du Chien Lodge Presents FST to Boscobel Police

The Brethren of Prairie du Chien Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Wisconsin presented the Boscobel Police Department with a state-of-the-art GreenPort Portable Fire Suppression Tool on February 13th at a presentation held at the Boscobel Police Station.  

The Boscobel Masonic Lodge had been a part of the community prior to merging with the Fennimore Lodge in 2002. The Fennimore Lodge then merged with the Prairie du Chien Masonic Lodge in October 2021. The Lodge Brethren has also presented one of these life-saving devices to the Fennimore Police Department just a few months prior.

The Prairie du Chien Lodge donated the Fire Suppression Unit in memory of Kempert Krogen, who was a prominent businessman in Boscobel and a 50-year member of the Lodge. Kempert was very active in the Boscobel Lodge prior to the merger.

The Lodge presented the device to the Chief of Police and Mayor of Boscobel. In a fitting tribute to the memory of our fallen Brother, his son, daughter, and a special family friend were included in the presentation. 

Picture above, left to right: Karl Krogen (Kempert’s son), Kaye (Krogen) Mortimer (daughter), Police Chief Jaden McCullick, Ken Meyer (Worshipful Master), Jeanenne Richardson (friend of the Krogen family), Boscobel Mayor Brenda Kalish, and PdC Brothers Monte Steiber and Lowell Ahrens (Lodge Trustee).

Prairie du Chien Lodge #8 presented a Fire Suppression Unit to the Boscobel Police Department on February 13, 2023 in memory of Kempert Krogen, who was a 50-year member of their Lodge. 

We are thankful for all of the Brotherly contributions Brother Kempert made to both Masonry and his community throughout his lifetime. His legacy will continue to live on not only in our hearts and memories — but also in a way of making his community safer and better for years to come.