Reedsburg Lodge Makes, Sells Over 2,000 Chicken Pies

Fun and fundraising were on the calendar for Saturday, March 4th as the Brothers of Reedsburg Masonic Lodge assembled at the local VFW post for making their “World Famous Chicken Pies”.

Supplies were delivered to the local VFW on Friday afternoon and the dining room was turned into a food preparation area for Saturday’s pie-making affair.
Brothers, family and friends set up 3 assembly lines. In fact, so many showed up that by 9:30AM it was announced they had completed half of the expected 2,000 chicken pies! Many hands make for light work!
Brothers Ken Walter (District 8 Lecturer) and Bob Anderson had the “gravy job” – literally!

Surpassing their assembly goal, the Brothers counted up an incredible 2,024 chicken pies! The pies are carefully inserted into plastic bags, sealed, and have the oven baking instructions printed on the outside. By Saturday afternoon, all of the Chicken Pies produced were loaded onto and stored inside of a freezer semi tractor trailer donated by Skinner Transport Corporation of Reedsburg.

Brothers, family and friends who volunteered their mornings (or in some cases, their entire weekend) to help with the annual fundraising effort – including Senior Grand Deacon Joe Thompson (back row, far left) and State Representative Tony Kurtz (font row, kneeling, second from left). This tremendous crew of dedicated individuals was responsible for turning out 2,024 chicken pies before 12:30PM on Saturday!

Drive-up, pick up and sales of the freshly-made, now-frozen chicken pies happened on Sunday. A small group of dedicated Brothers gathered again to distribute the homemade chicken pies and assist customers with loading the pies into their vehicles. 

The drive thru pick up in the parking lot made for easy distribution. Of the 2,024 pies made on Saturday, approximately 1,700 were sold and handed out that same weekend. The community looks forward to this annual event and many of those sales are PRE-ORDERED!

The funds raised help the Lodge be active and involved in the Reedsburg community.

Submitted in part by Dan Brylla, District Deputy 8