“Acts of Kindness” Reverberates Through Tomah Community

As we reported earlier this month, Wisconsin Masons have donated over 325 Fire Suppression Tools to community First Responders throughout the state. These donations have been made possible by a generous gift from the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation through the “Acts of Kindness”program. Of those, 8 have already been used in fire situations from Shawano County to Lincoln County to Tomah.

[T]he Tomah Police Department successfully deployed their donated FST at the scene of a house fire in their community. This is the second FST they have deployed since receiving their donation. The original donated FST had been used at a fire scene and replaced, at no additional cost to the department, by the homeowners insurance company. A member of the Tomah community, upon hearing about this fire, the FST, and the Acts of Kindness donation, wrote a check to Police Department to purchase an additional FST.

Assistant Chief Eric Pedersen of the Tomah Police Department recently posted about that private citizen donation, stating on the department’s Facebook page:

Donna and John Shuck of John Shuck Plumbing & Repair, LLC, donated $1,200 for the purchase of a Fire Suppression Solutions LLS V4 Fire Suppression Tool (FST). The FST is a highly effective suppression tool, suppressing the fire still contained within a structure, can reduce temperatures significantly, and prevent flash over and backdraft without removing oxygen.

This tool is used if officers are on scene before fire fighting professionals arrive.

Thank you for the donation and enhancing our ability to help the community during a fire emergency.

Pictured above, left to right, are Donna and John Shuck, Tomah Police Sergeant Adam Perkins, and Officer Alex Brueggeman.

Thank you to the first responders of Tomah – and to Donna and John Shuck for partnering with others in the community to help make it a better, safer place for everyone! They are practicing “Acts of Kindness” with their tremendous community support!