Milwaukee Lodges Boil Crawfish, Stir Cement of Brotherly Love

Milwaukee’s James M. Hays and Henry L. Palmer Masonic Lodges co-hosted their third annual “Crawfish Boil” at the Northwest Masonic Center on February 19th. Brethren and friends gathered to enjoy crawfish, Andouille sausage, corn, potatoes and home brew — along with a great afternoon of fellowship. 

Spearheaded by Brother Jim McGuigan, the boil is so authentic, fresh, and delicious because he literally flies the crawfish in from Natchitoches, Louisiana (over 900 miles away) a day before the event. There’s a team of cooks in the kitchen who work their magic and create boiling pots of the delicacy for the Brethren and guests. The spicy scent that fills the air from the cooking food is absolutely wonderful and serves to make the waiting guests even more hungry.

The tables are covered in plastic and the food is dispersed from the kettles and enjoyed right from the table. It’s a really great event – everyone enjoys the food, fellowship, and fun!

Submitted in part by Brother Bob Skaradzinski