Oregon Lodge Presents Rescue “Manikins” to 3 Area Fire Departments

The Freemasons of Oregon Lodge No. 151 presented three Rescue Randy Manikins, one each, to the Oregon, Verona and Brooklyn Fire Departments.

The Rescue Randy Manikin is about 5’5” tall and weighs about 165 lbs. and is especially designed for rescue and first responder training exercises. It is developed for life-like patient handling, transportation, and extrication training. It can be seated in an automobile, positioned in a smoke-filled room and can be used for simulating the removal of victims from utility poles, conduits, cave-ins, and tunnels.

In the picture above, from left: Brooklyn Fire Chief Mason Barber, Brooklyn EMS Division Chief Justin Wicik, Verona Battalion Chief Marc Lindquist, Oregon Fire Chief Glenn Linzmeier and Oregon Freemasons Lodge Senior Warden Dakota Latimer. 

Photo by Rich Rygh