WI Masons Donate More Than 325 Fire Suppression Tools – 8 Already Used!

From our partners and friends at Fire Suppression Solutions:

“Fire Suppression Solutions is proud to share that communities across the State of Wisconsin are starting to see the benefits of our partnership with the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation and local Masonic Lodges. More than 325 Fire Suppression Tools (FSTs) have been donated by Wisconsin Freemasons to Police and Fire Departments throughout the state. Additionally, in less than twelve months from the initial donation, eight of these FST’s have been successfully deployed, saving lives and property. 

Donated FST’s have been successfully used on both house and vehicle fires. Shawano County Sheriffs deployed a donated FST under a vehicle that was on fire. The aerosol filled the engine compartment and suppressed the fire. There were no fatalities to the victim or first responders and no additional damage to personal properties beyond the initial vehicle involved in the accident. 

The Town of Grand Rapids saw the benefits of the Acts of Kindness program when a donated FST was used at a house fire. Town of Grand Rapids Fire Chief Bob Piatt was initially a bit skeptical as the FST wasn’t thrown into the room on fire, but an adjacent room. His skepticism disappeared as he observed the smoke transition from grey to white and the FST prevented the fire from spreading. The fire did not spread to any other rooms, the roof, or the walls. No one was injured in this fire. Chief Piatt is now a strong supporter of the Fire Suppression Tool and stated the Fire and Police departments will continue to use the tool in the future. 

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department deployed a donated FST under a logging trailer that had started on fire due to an overheating brake pad. Eight seconds after deployment, the FST started to suppress the flames and extinguished the small grass fire that had started as a result of the initial fire. The FST provided valuable time needed for the local fire department to arrive and extinguish the fire completely. 

The Merrill Police Department deployed a donated FST at the scene of a garage fire. The fire was determined to be started by a faulty extension cord that was running a portable heater. The FST helped slow the progression of this fire, giving more time for the Merrill Fire Department to respond with their equipment. After the fire was extinguished, it was discovered that the garage contained several vehicles and canisters of gas. The FST helped prevent this fire from becoming much worse. 

As I am writing this, we received notice in our office that the Tomah Police Department successfully deployed their donated FST at the scene of a house fire in their community. This is the second FST they have deployed since receiving their donation. The original donated FST had been used at a fire scene and replaced, at no additional cost to the department, by the homeowners insurance company. A member of the Tomah community, upon hearing about this fire, the FST, and the Acts of Kindness donation, wrote a check to Police Department to purchase an additional FST. 

The partnership between The Wisconsin Freemasons and Fire Suppression Solutions has benefited communities across the State of Wisconsin. Lives and property have been saved and interest in Freemasonry has grown. We, at Fire Suppression Solutions, are looking forward to continuing to work with the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation and the continued success of the Acts of Kindness program.”