Grand Master’s Message – June 2023

I’m Proud to be a Freemason! 

I’m Proud of who we are!

I’m Proud of what we do!

My Brothers and Masonic family members,

Last article. Wow, what a year! We did it together!! Wisconsin Freemasonry is relevant!!! We proved it to our communities all over Wisconsin. The “good” in our communities are searching for us. As we hold our standards and select, this Fraternity grows in size and impact. I truly believe we have changed the direction of Freemasonry across the entire state of Wisconsin. It is not a one-year deal though. You all know that it takes time. We started with the first steps. We have done that in a BIG way, and you are to be congratulated.

As we launch forward into another Masonic year, it is important to remember what caused all of this. The good in our communities sought you out. They wanted friends, mentors, and Brothers. They wanted to be part of an organization with purpose.

We need to continue to do our part though.

Stewards or Deacons, please continue to call your Lodge’s membership and supporters on their birthdays and Masonic anniversaries, if applicable. 

Our newest Brothers, please immediately call every member and supporter of your Lodge and introduce yourself. These calls are very, very important and very, very impactful.

Worshipful Masters, please publish your calendars including our Standard Operating procedures of at least seven events on your calendar including:

1. A community event,

2. An event supporting your local police, fire, or first responders,

3. A membership event focused on retaining and restoring your Brothers,

4. A membership event focused on creating relevance,

5. An EA degree,

6. A FC degree, and

7. A MM degree.

We have clearly evolved this Fraternity these past months and there is no doubt the future will continue to build on those evolutions.

It was an honor to be able to serve you as your Grand Master this year.

Each of you has your own stories on why you became a Freemason and, more importantly, why you are still a Freemason. Please continue to share them.

It is hard for me to believe that a kid born in on a dairy farm in Norwalk Wisconsin, who was initiated into the Order of DeMolay at the age of 13, would have been privileged to serve as State Master Councilor of Wisconsin DeMolay and as Grand Master of Wisconsin Freemasonry. Thanks Dad. I miss you.

Paul T. Tourville,

Grand Master of Wisconsin Freemasonry

I’m Proud to be a Freemason! 

I’m Proud of who we are!

I’m Proud of what we do!