Living Their Obligation: Freemasons Visit Shut-Ins

By PGM Gary L. Stang 

District Two Outpost Breakfast Club is seen above having breakfast with Brother Vern Englbretson who is in hospice care. His daughter, Julie and an employee from the nursing home brought Brother Vern to the restaurant to visit with his Brothers. Everyone had a great time. Brother Vern is a member of Clear Lake Freemasons Lodge No. 230.

There was a good turn out of Brothers: 11, including Vern, and everyone really enjoyed a great breakfast together. In the photo, from left, are: Vern Engebretson, Dale Wood, Mike Bessette, Gary Stang, Harold Christensen, Dave Vold, William McAmis and his lady Laura, John Davenport, Dan Hagerty, Dan Boerboon, and Rick Gates. Not pictured, Julie Engbretson, Brother Vern’s daughter; and Sara Arsola, his caregiver. 

In the afternoon some of the Brothers drove to Amery, for a public opening of Clear Lake Freemasons Lodge where they gathered for Brother Ralph LaDuke, 87 years young and a 43 year Mason. He was very happy to see the Brothers come for a visit. 

If you as a Mason are not making visitations such as these, it would be a great time to start. Brother LaDuke thanked the Brothers several times for coming to see him. Please, make someone’s day and live your obligation. Visiting a Brother in a nursing home or an assisted living facility really brightens his day — and your day, too!