41 Brothers Raised in Eau Claire Masonic Day of Light

By Senior Grand Deacon Earl Gunderson 

Candidates from twenty-seven lodges from around Wisconsin assembled at the Eau Claire Masonic Center on November 4th to be brought to Light. Forty-one new Masons were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. The degrees and education were all expertly done under the excellent organization and tutelage of District 2 Lecturer Lester Paulson of Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire Freemasons Lodges. Masons from Districts 1, 2, 3 and 5 combined to make up the outstanding degree teams. 

Brother Keith Techmeier of Collins-Spring Valley Freemasons Lodgereceives the second section of the EA Degree from Brother Mark Mayry of New Richmond Lodge. In background are Senior Deacon Scott Paulson and Deputy Grand Master Thomas W. Stevens as Master. 

The Chippewa Falls Chapter of DeMolay started the day by serving an outstanding pancake breakfast while candidates and mentors assembled and signed in. Mentors and candidates met to have the day’s schedule explained and directions given by Brother Paulson. The EA degree started promptly at 9 a.m.

EA Degree Team: Front row: H. Scott Paulson; Michael Bessette; Deputy Grand Master Thomas W. Stevens, Conferring Master; Brady McAdams; and Mark Mayry. Second row: Curtis Rust; Dan Boerboon; and Tony Rives. Back row: Ryan Larson.

After the degree the new Entered Apprentices received further education on what they had just experienced. The FC degree followed in like fashion. 

FC Degree Team: Front row: John Henneman; Darryl Dahl, Conferring Master; Chris Van Beek; Jim Toman; and Paul Roe. Second row: Jim Olson; Brian Trowbridge; Jeremy Vincent; Corey Nowak; and Burt Hamm.

Following lunch by the Chippewa Chapter of DeMolay, under the expert guidance of Brother Bruce and Lady Loretta Fransway, the Master Mason degree was conferred. A highlight of the degree was having each candidate raised individually by members of the Grand Lodge Leadership Team.

MM Degree Team: Front row: Michael Abernathy; Justin Konwinski; Jay Hebert; John W. Miller, Conferring Master; Jarius Noor; Alan Case; David Kulberg and District 5 Lecturer Jason Risberg. Back row: District 2 Lecturer Les Paulson.

The GL officers participating were: Senior Grand Deacon Earl Gunderson, District 1 Deputy Danny L. Bourassa, District 2 Deputy Bryce L. Fransway, District 3 Deputy Lars Framnes, District 7 Deputy Ryan A. Mayrand, District 7 Representative Kevin Gruber and Junior Grand Steward George T. Eisenman III. Raising each candidate individually by Grand Lodge Officers has become an impressive tradition for the Days of Light in Eau Claire. This practice has been well received by the candidates and all in attendance. 

Following a social in the dining room the new Master Masons were sent on their way to continue their Masonic journey. 

Pictured at the top of the story are our 41 new Brother Masons raised in Eau Claire. Front row from left: Richard Watman, Monroe-Smith 31; Douglas Frankenstein, Island City; Landon Lathrop, Superior; Sean Duncan, George B Wheeler, Michael Samson, Waverly 51; Timothy Becker, George B Wheeler; and Stephen Jacques, Waterloo 63. 

Second row: George Carrillo, Eagle River 248; Thomas Meisbauer, Eagle River 248; Larry Krauss, Sparta 60; Dean Cynor, Buffalo River 252; Chris Doman, Forest 130; Chris Crary, Durand-Pepin 149; Kyle Dahlberg, Chippewa Falls 176; Trey Taylor, EC Sanctuary 347; David Dobbs, EC Sanctuary 347; Casey Ludwig, George B Wheeler; Bill Gillingham, Island City 330; Jeremy Rudek, Clear Lake 230; Troy Baxter, Landmark 244; and Len Indovina, Hiram 50 Madison. 

Third row: Michael Bro, New Richmond 195; Joshua Adrian, Chippewa Falls 176; Keith Techmeier, Collins-Spring Valley 192; Paul Gillespie, New Richmond 195; Jonathan Gaspero, Sun Prairie 143; Travis Babcock, Virginia Falls 226; Paul Gatewood, Rhinelander 242; William Jacobson, Smith 31; and Christian Cappello, Hurley 237. 

Back row: Chris Decorah, North Star 187; Dean Barrington, Wisconsin Rapids 128; Paul Aaron, George B Wheeler 351; Jeremy Christianson, Sparta 60; Anthony Fasano, Quincy-Adams 71; Terry Bouvier, Madison 5; Alexander Denman, Chippewa Falls 176; Mark McElroy, Bloomer 281; Nathan Marovich, Hurley 237; Vincent Runkel, Buffalo River 252; and John Sanders, Eagle River 248.