Acts of Kindness Gala Fundraiser raises more than just money

By Rich Rygh 

Brothers, their Ladies and friends enjoyed the Masonic Acts of Kindness Fundraiser hosted by Brother Dave Tainter at the Lake Masonic Center in Milwaukee on April 13th. It was a very enjoyable evening of music, laughter, great Masonic fellowship and Brother Dave Tainter’s fantastic hors d’oeuvres and food. 

Brother Dave Tainter addresses the crowd

Music was provided by Keyboardist Gary Haseley along with entertainment by comedians Rob Brakenridge and Keith Lenart. 

Proceeds went to this year’s Grand Master’s Appeal, which is in support of the Children’s Dyslexia Centers of Wisconsin. There were raffles and a silent auction to provide more fun during the evening. 

Comedian Keith Lenart entertains the crowd

Brother Gary Beier, Wisconsin Masonic Foundation Executive Director, brought the group up to date on the Foundation’s programs. He stated, “There have been 26 saves with the current fire safety and AED program in the last two years.” 

Brother Beier said, “You are sitting in the room where the first Wisconsin Learning Center was launched 32 years ago, since that time we have educated 5,000 young people that have learning difficulties because of dyslexia.” 

Brother Gary Beier, Wisconsin Masonic Foundation Executive Director, brings the group up to date on the success of the Foundation’s programs

Brother Beier thanked the Brothers for their support. The Grand Master’s Appeal is expected to bring in over $60,000 this year. 

Grand Master David R. Ritchie thanked Brother Dave Tainter, a member of Ozaukee Lodge, now living in Indiana for hosting and providing the great food for this very enjoyable evening. 

Grand Master David R. Ritchie thanks Bro. Dave Tainter for the great evening

The Grand Master stated he was once a kid with a reading problem, with special classes things turned out differently than they may have. “He said we hear how we are helping kids, the reality is we are helping adults. These kids that grow up thinking there is something wrong, thinking they didn’t fit in. You talk with law enforcement, the jails are full of people with dyslexia. We are producing adults that are confident in their part of society. Masons are making the world a better place.”