Native Spirit Dancers Visit Three Pillars 

Residents of Three Pillars Living Communities enjoyed the The Native Spirit dancers sponsored by the Valley of Madison Scottish Rite. The program provided a look at the dances and culture of Native America.

Native American Flute by Brian Hammill. This relaxing instrument was originally used in courtship. The young man would sit outside of the lodge of the woman that he truly loved and play the flute as the sun was setting over the horizon.
Hoop Dance by Nedallas Hammill. The hoops symbolize a sacred part of Native American life. It represents the circle of life with no beginning and no ending. Watch as the dancer begins with one hoop and keeps adding and weaving the hoops into formations that represent our journey through life. Each added hoop represents another thread in the web of life. He is a National Champion.
Women’s Fancy Shawl by Destiny Hammill. Butterfly Dance, envision the grace and beauty of a butterfly gracefully floating through the sky and you will know how this dance got its name. 

Photos and content by Rich Rygh