By Brother Brian Bertram

Damascus Lodge No. 290, Milwaukee, has sponsored a trap shooting team for nearly a decade. Consisting of members of the Lodge, the team participates in the Summer Trap League at Boxhorn Sportsman’s Club in Muskego, Wisconsin.

With a short 2-year hiatus because of covid and a 1-year break in action, the team is at it again representing not only our Lodge, but Freemasonry in our state.

The summer league is competitive in nature, going head to head with other teams — but our Hiram’s Hotshots Trap Team is out to have fun, spend quality time with Brothers and get the word out of the many aspects of being a Freemason.

This year our Master wished us to have more public visibility during our shoots. The team responded and designed our own custom shirts. With this visibility, team members have been approached by other shooters about Freemasonry, we are more than happy to explain the fraternity to them.

Always look “outside the box” on ways to promote Freemasonry!