Grand Master Harker’s October 2010 Message

We are deeply saddened at the passing of Brother Donald E. Krueger, who served our Grand Jurisdiction as Grand Master in 1969-70. We extend our sympathy to his family.

I have recently travelled out of state representing the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin to the Midwest Conference of Grand Lodges in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; the Supreme Council Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Northern Jurisdiction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Iowa in Sioux City, Iowa. I continue to be in the Grand Lodge office at least a few hours each week. I have also made many visits to appendant masonic organizations within the state.

I have visited a number of Lodges and must report that many are conferring degrees and the have a backlog of degrees to conduct. I strongly believe that many of our Lodges are getting much stronger because of the degree work they are performing.  Keep up the good work my brothers.

I had the opportunity to present four 60 Year certificates at Barneveld Lodge No. 319. It is obvious that these brothers recognize the value their Masonic membership.

M.W. Joseph B. Harker - Grand Master

There are petitions coming to the lodges from men seeking membership. Please take the petition and interviewing process seriously. To the top and second line signers, make a point to meet and talk about who the petitioner is and who we are before you sign and present that petition. To the Master, be sure that the petition is complete and that you have reviewed it with the signers before reading it into the Lodges minutes. To the Secretary, be sure to complete the simple case search and attach it to the interview forms. To the interview team, yours is the most critical part of the process.  You must be thorough and precise in your interview with the petitioner and his family about what we are and are not. Report honestly and completely to the Lodge.

We are again approaching that time of year when each and every lodge will be faced with discussing the issue of members that are delinquent in their dues and facing suspension. I believe that if we did a more thorough and complete job in the interviewing process we would find this to be less of an issue.

Last month you will recall I addressed the issue of bylaws as they address the “stated” communications. Well I have had several brothers tell be that they have looked at their bylaws and have found that many them are not adequate for the 21st century. One Master informed me that the last time their bylaws were looked at in total was when their Lodge was chartered in the early 1900s. They have from time to time made minor adjustments but never looked at them in total.

My Brothers you will remember in the explanation of the Trowel near the conclusion of the Master Mason degree the words “Who can best work and best agree”. Please give some extra thought to this phrase when your lodge is discussing matters that come before it. We are first and foremost men who meet on the Level, act by the Plumb and part upon the Square. Be true to yourself and true to your brothers.

On the LEVEL,


PS: Elections and Installations of officers are fast approaching.  Your Grand Lodge Officers very much enjoy installing Lodge Officers. We have several dates already reserved but there good dates still open. Please contact any Grand Lodge Officer directly to schedule your installation.