Grand Master’s May Message

Congratulations to over 125 new Masons who completed their Master Mason Degree in the first four months of this year! Thank you to all the Lodges who are working hard to raise new Brothers within their Lodges and to everyone who worked so hard to make our recent Masonic Day of Light events a resounding success!

Let’s all make sure we warmly welcome these new Brothers and their families into our Masonic Family. Being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason is a once in a lifetime event worthy of special recognition. A good way to celebrate this auspicious occasion is to invite family and friends to witness the Bible and Apron Presentations in a “first class” public dinner venue with Masons and Ladies present. It’s a great opportunity to showcase Freemasonry, recognize a special achievement and get to know each other.

It’s also critical that we immediately engage our new Brothers. The Ashlar Award is a great tool to involve new Masons in lodge activities while encouraging and recognizing Master Masons who mentor candidates. To earn an Ashlar Award, a Master Mason, who is a first-time mentor, together with an additional experienced Mason, mentors a new candidate or protégé. The team works together to complete the eight activities required for the Award. By doing so new Brothers get involved in lodge activities and develop a bond.

Once all the activities are completed, the first-time Mentor will be the recipient of an Ashlar Award. The experienced Mentor will also receive the award if he hasn’t received it in the past. Upon completion of the Ashlar Award Program, the Lodge Secretary will order the Perfect Ashlar Pin and Award certificate from the Grand Lodge Office. The criterion for earning the award is found in the Wisconsin Program booklets or online at wisc-freemasonry.orgon the Education page.

The time and effort we invest in a new Mason and his family will pay rich dividends. If we engage them, we will retain them, and the first year is most critical. Think of these new Brothers as your best customer. What will keep them coming back? Work hard to deliver experiences, both inside and outside of the Lodge, that will keep them engaged and excited about Freemasonry.

Attitude is contagious. It is a fact that we tend to feed off the sentiments and reactions of those around us. Within your Lodge foster a positive, ambitious atmosphere that reflects Brotherly Love. Encourage new Master Masons to participate and bring forth their ideas, and to make a difference. In turn they will remain a committed member for a long time to come!

Yours in Brotherhood,

L. Arby Humphrey

Grand Master